Antoinette Zloty

Antoinette Zloty, BSW, MSW, is a Private Consultant who resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. She immigrated to Canada in 1968 from Barbados. She is Project Leader for this project titled “Towards Positive Change to Promote Mental Health and Wellbeing for Black Canadians in Manitoba”.

She establishes local, national and international connections to foster informed decision-making and improvements in programs and services.

Her broad career experience across many target groups in Northern rural and urban Manitoba, includes counselling, casework, policy and program analyses, creation and hosting of public affairs TV program “Transitions”, resource and legislative development.

She is also a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal through the Canadian Home Care Association and the Association on Gerontology and a nominee for other awards.

Frank Indome

Project Role: Information Technology Consultant / PCG Member

Frank Indome is a software development specialist living in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Originally from Ghana, he volunteers with various community groups and has served as a Vice-President and President of the Ghanaian Union of Manitoba Inc.

He currently sits on the board of the African Communities of Manitoba Inc. (ACOMI) as the Treasurer and is also the systems administrator for the organization.

He has volunteered his services in the area of information technology for community groups for the past 30 years. Frank wishes to see immigrants prosper and also make a strong impact in their new found countries.

He believes the project “Towards Mental Health Promotion and Wellbeing for Black Canadians in Manitoba” is key to the success of people of African heritage in the province of Manitoba.

Frank loves sports especially soccer and he is also freelance photographer  

Charlotte Lwanga, B.A., M.A, Msc.

 Project Role: Evaluator/PCG Member

Charlotte is a Policy Analyst with the Department of Health, Seniors and Active Living, Manitoba Government. Before joining Government, Charlotte worked for Klinic Community Health Centre as a Research and Program Evaluation Analyst. Originally from Zambia, Charlotte has been in Canada since 2001.

Her background and experience include several years of experience in research and evaluation in social, political, economic and health programs, here in Manitoba as well as, internationally. She has worked at various levels including leading and contributing to research and evaluation of projects, such as the Chronic Disease Prevention Initiative (CDPI) and now the “Towards Mental Health Promotion and Wellbeing for Black Canadians in Manitoba”.

She hopes to contribute her skills and expertise in assessing and building evidence base on what works and in which context to improve mental health and its determinants for Black Canadians in Manitoba.

Olusola Akintola

Olusola Akintola is the current President of the Brandon University Students’ Union (2019-2020). As President, Olu acts as the main BUSU spokesperson on all student issues and serves as a liaison between the Students’ Union and senior administration of Brandon University. He advocates for students interests on the Board of Governors, Senate, and the KDC Board, where he sits as a member. 

Olu holds a Master of Science degree in Agricultural Economics and an MBA in Marketing from Nigeria, where he comes from. Olu strongly believes in giving back to the community and volunteers with the Canadian Red Cross in Brandon as a Supervisor with its Emergency Response Team and with Westman Immigration Services as a settlement partner. 

A recipient of the Jean L. Hannah Memorial Bursary in 2018 and the Manitoba Scholarship and Initiative Graduate Studies Scholarship (MSBI) in 2020, he is also the immediate past Part Time/Mature Students’ Director of BUSU and was a former Student Leader with Brandon University. Olu lives in Brandon with his family.

Arnella S. Myers


I am a recent immigrant from Jamaica and have a passion for empowering communities. I have worked in mental health and social services for over five years.

With a passion for education, I maintain the belief that knowledge is power and am excited to be a part of the project Towards Mental Health Promotion and Wellbeing for Black Canadians in Manitoba.

I hope that my role in the project will be an asset in spreading knowledge to other members of my community.

I strongly believe in the power of the mind and building capacity in others as a primary way of supporting them to create the life they desire.

I fancy myself a foodie and maintain that life is all about how you look at things.

Ebenezer Ayim

Research Assistant

I am Ebenezer Ayim, a passionate researcher and promoter of positive mental health. I have a background in Psychology and Disability Studies. I have worked as a Research Assistant and Research Coordinator at the University of Cape Coast, Ghana.

I am happy to be part of the project: Towards Mental Health Promotion and Wellbeing for Black Canadians in Manitoba.

I believe that racism, stigmatization, disability, discrimination, and inequality are the major barriers to mental health among minority groups.

I hope to see a society where such barriers that prevent people from achieving their mental wellness are addressed.

Alicia Hodge


My passion to help those who suffer from mental illness, to cope and overcome barriers has grown stronger over the years. Through personal experiences and extensive research I’ve learned that it is critical to educate our community on the subject of mental health as well as to have more professionals and organizations dedicated to supporting those who have mental health disorders, and the cognizance for the need to dismantle or improve  gaps within our current health-care system. 

My self-confidence and conviction are what sets me apart from most people and the reason why I am an asset to promoting the mental health and well-being for Black Canadians. I am currently enrolled at the University of Winnipeg, working towards a Political Science Degree and in addition to that, I want to be a part of something bigger, this is a very exciting opportunity for me to start my journey in community development.

 I am aiming to change the controversial image of mental illness among Black Canadians and I feel that programs like this are the pioneers of that change.

jacqueline obianuju


Obianuju Jacqueline Okpala, from Nigeria, been in Canada for four years, I currently work as a medical assistant at Women’s Health Clinic. As a newcomer in Canada, my lived and shared mental illness experience has increased my passion for mental health promotion and desire to help others to become educated, awareness and wellbeing and to continue to decrease stigma around mental health, help-seeking and self-care.

My role as Mental Health Ambassador is to bring real positive change within the black community in destigmatizing mental illness and promoting positive mental health wellbeing among refugees’ newcomers and LGBTQ+ in the black community in Manitoba.

I love meeting and connecting with people and I also enjoy trying new cooking and baking recipes in my leisure time.

Jennifer Otisi


I am a Nigerian immigrant with a professional background in Community Development and Engagement. As a Mental Health Promotion Ambassador of this project, I aim to provide Black communities in Manitoba with the tools and resources to educate and empower themselves. Part time, I use the art of dance as a method to promote mental and physical wellbeing through creativity and self-expression.


Marty Kinamore


Born and raised in Manitoba, married to a Black Canadian and we have two adult sons.

Forty-two years with the Provincial Government as an accounting clerk including accounts receivable, commitment accounting and accounts payable.

With my boys involved in athletic sports while growing up, I often volunteered as a treasurer for the teams.

I enjoy bowling, watching hockey(Jets) & football(Blue Bombers), doing crafts and reading when I am not baking or cooking.

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