Project Evaluation is defined as the records feedback from the toolkit and other parts of the project. Project Evaluation is classified into two categories; (i) assesses the degree to which the expected outcomes were achieved, and (ii) explores potential factors that explain why the project obtained these results. Project Evaluation is a continuous



Goal 1: To engage partners, obtain research ethics approval and finalize evaluation plan for development of a relevant tool kit on mental health promotion for Black Canadians. Goal 2: To improve on the capacity and contribution of Black-led organizations by implementing a focus on mental health and equity for individuals, through active participation, engagement

Goal 3: To provide opportunities for Black Canadians in Manitoba to contribute to the content and
continuous review and final copy of a Mental Health Promotion toolkit for Black Canadians which will include
information which is culturally, socially, economically relevant to promote mental health. (Consultation)

Goal 4: To build stronger partnerships and collaboration among organizations while increasing their understanding and promotion of mental health. (Testing and Implementation)

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