Thank you for taking time to complete the survey. Your feedback is very important. Please note that completing this survey is voluntary. The survey is being conducted to gather information about the issues and challenges being faced by Black Canadians as well as gauge the level of awareness of mental health and its determinants. The results of the survey will be used to further inform the development of the mental health promotion toolkit for Black Canadians. Please be assured that all information collected in this survey is strictly confidential. The survey takes approximately 5 minutes to complete.

Overall GOAL: Develop a Toolkit for Mental Health Promotion and Equity for Black Canadians in Manitoba


1. To engage partners, obtain research ethics approval and finalize evaluation plan for development of a relevant toolkit on mental health promotion for Black Canadians.

2. To improve on the capacity and contribution of Black-led organizations by implementing a focus on mental health and equity for individuals, through active participation, engagement and promotion.

3. To provide opportunities for Black Canadians in Manitoba to contribute to the review of the content and final copy of a Mental Health Promotion toolkit for Black Canadians, which will include information which is culturally, socially, and economically relevant to their mental health.

4. To build stronger partnerships and collaboration among organizations while increasing their understanding and promotion of mental health.

Guidelines for Focus Group Discussion

Anything occurring in this Focus Group session is confidential. Please do not record this session as it is being recorded by our team member/information technology specialist for transcribing later along with the other focus group sessions recording.

You should be the only one in the room participating in this session. Please place your devices on mute and unmute when you are speaking.

We will take turns speaking. Indicate by the “raised hand icon” on your device when you want to speak. If are in-person you will be given a card to indicate when you would like to speak. Please wait until the facilitator calls on you.

We want to hear from everyone even when your opinions differ.

You may need a sheet of paper to write a few points down as we read through each section of the toolkit.

If you need to take a break please do so quietly and re-enter after, to pick up from where the group is at. Please note that there will be a 10 minute break after an hour.

As you think of question, you may place them in the chat box so that we can address them.

Focus Group Procedure

The format below will be repeated for each topic area as they appear in the drafted Table of Contents. Each section of the toolkit will include information from previous studies, a worksheet and a list of resources. The latter will be shown in the final slides.

Instructions: Rate the importance of the section covered based on your experience with

1 being less Important and 5 being more important.

Example: Myths and Truths about Mental Health – Listen to the presentation by the Mental
Health Promotion Ambassador ( MHPA) and Focus Group Facilitator ( FGF) then rate the section
as either: >>>>> or 5

Next you will be asked to list other definitions or points not mentioned in the section above. How
would you rate these other points?




Share your own ratings, followed by open discussion within the group. Then move on to the next
section of the Tool Kit

Table of Contents

  1. Glossary
  2. Myths and Truth about Mental Health and Equity   
  3. Factors that Impact Mental Health
  4. Health Equity
  5. Gender-Based Analysis Plus
  6. Parental Influence on Mental Health
  7. Housing and Mental Health
  8. Workplace Policies and Procedures
  9. Self-care practices 
  10. Taking care of Others
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